On-Site Physiotherapy Treatment and Management

Fit 4 Life Injury Management offers onsite physiotherapy services that provide effective, time efficient physiotherapy treatments as well as real-time monitoring and education of manual handling and/ or ergonomic workstation principles for employees.

Fit 4 Life Injury Management’s Occupational Health Physiotherapist conducts employee musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatments, comprising of 100% hands-on, evidence based techniques. At the end of each session, employees will be given information about their condition with exercises and tips to help them self-manage their pain.This will maintain the employee’s ability to stay in the workplace, enable the fastest resolution of the condition, include reporting to management of the condition and engage our Occupational Health Physiotherapist to monitor and educate the employee in safe manual handling and/or ergonomic workstation set-up while they are performing their job.

We specialise in cumulative trauma disorder (CTD) and provide quick and permanent relief from conditions including:

  • Headaches and neck
  • Lower back pain and sciatica
  • Shoulder conditions and tennis elbow.
  • Tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Knee, ankle and plantar fascia pain

Our treatments consist of hands-on examination, proven cutting-edge treatments and self-management exercises that can easily be performed in the workplace.

Statistical Tracking:

Fit 4 Life Injury Management keeps employee treatment notes in a secure electronic treatment note system.  With this system, we capture all pertinent details on each case. This enables analysis of how many cases were seen, detailing body parts worked on, number of treatments rendered, outcomes of care and cost of care.

Ergonomic Assessments

Fit 4 Life Injury Management provides ergonomic assessments which focus on 5 key areas as part of your early intervention programme:

  • Clarification of injury history and current treatment.
  • Elimination of precipitating and perpetuating factors of the injury as well as recommending any protective measures to prevent further injury.
  • Encouraging self-sufficiency in workstation set-up.
  • Education to develop pro-active behaviours for risk control.
  • Comprehensive reporting with quick turnaround times.

We provide excellence in service and early strategic barrier resolution, to prevent injury development and decrease injury management costs.


Functional Capacity Assessments & Suitable Duties Programmes


Fit 4 Life Injury Management’s Functional Capacity Evaluations (PWPE):

  • Determine physical capacity using a battery of standard tests and a patented scoring system.
  • Take the guesswork out of determining immediate capacity for suitable duties or pre-injury role.
  • Help maintain worker engagement in the workplace.
  • Clarify ability to work an 8-hour day
  • Determine sincerity-of-effort.
  • Are individual, job and industry specific.
  • Can be used for medico-legal purposes.
  • Include a comprehensive report outlining matches between duties and capacity.

Suitable Duties Programmes, in alignment with functional capacity measures, can be presented to the Nominated Treating Doctor for approval. Our suitable duties programmes incorporate the 5 principles of return to work excellence:

  • Maintenance of employee engagement in the workplace.
  • Early barrier identification, resolution strategizing and action plan development.
  • Medical Case Conferencing to optimise return to work capacity.
  • Proactive communication with all key stakeholders.
  • Ensuring the employee is being adequately treated with evidence-based medical and allied health management with transparent diagnosis, testing and treatment plan implementation.

Initial Needs/Worksite Assessments/Medical Case Conferencing


Our Initial Needs and Worksite Assessments have 2 key goals (in order of importance) to achieve successful return to work:

  1. Maintain employee engagement in the workplace.
  2. Return the employee to work as soon as possible following injury (both physical and psychological).

We achieve great outcomes in both aspects by incorporating the 5 principles of return to work excellence:

  • Maintenance of employee engagement in the workplace.
  • Early barrier identification, resolution strategizing and action plan development.
  • Medical Case Conferencing to optimise return to work capacity.
  • Proactive communication with all key stakeholders.
  • Ensuring the employee is being adequately treated with evidence-based medical and allied health management with transparent diagnosis, testing and treatment plan implementation.

{slider Pain Management Programmes|gray}

Fit 4 Life Injury Management Pain Management Specialists are specifically qualified to deliver practical education, advice and guidance that is based on evidence-based, cutting-edge findings. Our modules are designed to develop problem solving strategies and to orientate each participant to get back into life, including maintaining suitable duties or returning to work.

Modules coming soon.

Work Related Exercise Programmes


An active work conditioning programme that includes cognitive behavioural psychosocial education supports an early and durable return to work (Nicholas, 2002).

Our work-conditioning exercise programmes are designed for your company, are job specific and run by an experienced Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

Features include:

  • Goals of programme based on specific Job Demands
  • Run over 8 weeks with specific and measurable Return to Work goals.
  • Include pre and post testing, as well as progress reports every 3 weeks.
  • Encourages engagement in the workplace.
  • Includes education in psychosocial and pain management factors such as fear of re-injury and how to manage the condition in the workplace.


Functional outcome measures taken after a work conditioning programme provide current functional measures for the Treating Doctor to make a decision about capacity to return to work.


Nicholas, M. K. (2002). Work hardening/ conditioning: Functional restoration and pain management programmes. Workcover NSW.


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